Truck Stop Delivery...because driving 80,000 lbs that bends in the middle is hard enough.

Back before I founded Let The Smoke Out!, I was a truck driver. I drove box van for Swift for a while, then switched to an enclosed car hauler. I remember well the good parts about driving, always being someplace different, sometimes seeing something new, hitting a favorite place to stop, or an especially good restaurant.

But like any occupation, there's bad with the good. Dispatchers, double-nickles in California and Illinois, toll roads, Bears, and of course, high prices at most any truck stop. I hate to think what Pilot is charging for some low-grade vape gear (I know my cig-alike cost over $100 in 2007) and while I can't change Pilot's evil ways, I can get you some good vape gear at a good price.

I-75 through Marion Co. Florida has 3 exits with truck stops: 368, there's a nice Petro, 358, the exit for SR326 has 2 Pilots and a Love's, and exit 341 has a small Pilot. If you are going to be stopping at 358 or 341, call me at 352-867-8273, let me know what you'd like. I'll personally deliver your gear to you. Exit 368 is a bit of a haul for me, but if you're gonna be there, spend $50 with me and I'll drag up there to you.

Life on the road can be great, but it's never easy. This is my way to help out. Call me at 352-867-8273 if you need anything.

Stay safe, Drivers. Know at least we here know that if We got it, a Truck brought it.