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<p>On the remote border of the Cupcake Kingdom and Muffinland sits a tiny, decrepit shack. There lives Muffcake: half muffin, half cupcake, more splendid than either, yet shunned by both.<br />
The Cupcakites see him as anathema, Muffinlandians call him an abomination. How cruel they were in their jealousy, exiling him for being so delicious with his tangy lemon bits, fruity undertones, and muffiny cupcakey deliciousness.<br />
But soon, he <em>will</em> have his revenge, and they <em>shall</em> be overwhelmed with his massive clouds of max-VG fury.&nbsp; Heed this warning, Vaper, for there shall be no other: take him home, and beg his mercy. He will give his enemies no quarter when the Great Dessert War begins.</p>

<p>In 30ml bottles.</p>

<p>Available Nicotine Strengths: 0,3</p>

<p>Be sure to select your nicotine preference</p>

Price: $23.99
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