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510/901/808 Ohmmeter

If you're wrapping your own coils, be they on an RDA, or just rebuilding that vivi-nova coil head, you better have a reliable method for checking resistance. Without one, at best you'll have a cold coil, at worst a blown battery...and all the explosions, flames and fuss that come with it.  Not to mention the stares from the neighbors.
And what better way to check your "ohmmage" than with an Ohmmeter.  Yes, with this you too can know just how many of those tiny Ohms are running around inside your favorite coil, making sure you have just enough, not too many, not too few. After all, ohms need counting too.
Remember, "A mech modder without an ohmmeter is like a mechanic without a wrench."

3 place digital display
Reads from 0.01 to 9.99 Ohms.
Sexy black plastic box
Built-in atomizer connectors fit 510, 901 and 808 atomizers.
On/Off switch
Takes 2 "AA" batteries, not included.

Price: $19.99